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The spastic forms of cerebral palsy - Adriano Ferrari, Giovanni Cioni - Springer

The spastic forms of cerebral palsy
A guide to the assessment o adaptive functions

Prezzo: 65 €

Autore: Adriano Ferrari, Giovanni Cioni

Casa editrice: Springer

Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

ISBN: 978-88-470-1477-0

Questo volume rappresenta anche una revisione del precedente volume, in misura del 50% circa, uscito in lingua italiana dal titolo "Le forme spastiche della paralisi cerebrale infantile" della Springer, uscito nel 2005.

This book is the result of studies on cerebral palsy (CP) in children that the authors and their collaborators (medical doctors and therapists) have carried out in recent years.
It addresses the main topics associated with the evaluation of adaptive functions in the spastic forms of CP (definition and modifications over the most recent decades, newly classified orientations, etiopathogenesis, anatomic-functional correlations, semiotics, and the so-called associated disorders: visual, cognitive, and behavioral). The main goal of this book is to offer readily accessible information on the nature of the disease, the problems correlated with prognosis, and the rehabilitation.
The text is complemented with a DVD with clinical cases subdivided according to classifications proposed by the authors. Because of its instructive nature and practical approach, the book will be an invaluable tool for practitioners already working in this field (medical doctors, child neuropsychiatrists and physiatrists, and rehabilitation therapists), for university students studying physical and occupational therapy, and for residents in rehabilitative medicine, child neurology, and orthopedics.

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